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PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini

PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini

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PETKIT Fresh Element Gemini Smart Pet Feeder is the latest automatic pet feeder designed to satisfy your pet’s various dietary needs, whether it be snack time, breakfast, lunch or dinner you can be sure this product does its job very well.

Designed and equipped with innovative double hoppers that can store and dispense various types of pet food. It features the patented dual food distribution system that allows even, precise and sequential dispensing manner.

Also, you never have to worry about the food getting stuck inside as it is designed to always ensure a constant/stable dispensing system. Allows for app control & health data monitoring and customised feeding plans. Feeding your pet right on schedule is never going to be a problem. 


  • Innovated double hoppers that dispense various types of pet foods and offer your pet various dietary options.
  • Patented Dual Food Distribution System where propellers rotate clockwise and
  • counterclockwise to dispense food from double hoppers. 
  • 4 anti-stuck designs to ensure constant feeding.
  • Allows app control & health data monitoring, customised feeding plans and notifications.
  • Stores freeze-dried, air-dried and kibble pet foods, and has triple fresh lock technology to ensure pet food stays fresh for the longest possible.
  • 5 L large capacity, the two hoppers combine to form a 5L volume hopper. Enough to feed an adult cat for up to 30 days.
  • Has a backup power supply in case of power outages, and the feeder can dispense 15 meals daily for up to 180 days in energy-saving mode.
  • Multi-cat friendly, it can feed your two cats at the same time. The carefully designed shape of the bowl ensures an even distribution of food.
  • Easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.
  • 50% larger container as compared to Fresh Element Solo feeder
  • Size: 362 x 293 x 247.5mm
  • 1 year Petkit Canada warranty

Product Dimensions: 362 x 293 x 247.5mm 

Net Weight: 2.3kg

Capacity: 5L / 169.07oz

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