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PETKIT Vacube Vacuum Food Storage Box

PETKIT Vacube Vacuum Food Storage Box

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A must-have for any pet owner who wants to keep their pet’s food fresh and safe from insects. With its advanced technology and user-friendly features, this container will make food storage a breeze.

PETKIT Smart Vacube Pet Food Storage Container can keep their furry friends’ food fresh and organized. This sleek and modern container has a 10.4L capacity and is designed to keep your pet’s food fresh for longer periods of time.

Equipped with smart vacuum seal technology, it removes air from the container to prevent oxidation and keep the food fresh. The container also features a built-in moisture-proof box that helps to keep the food dry and free from mould.

 Made from high-quality and food-grade materials, the PETKIT Smart Vacube is safe for your pet and easy to clean. The container is also designed to be portable, making it easy to store in a small space.

Product Highlights:

  • 2022 iF Design Awardee with its minimalist but intelligent design.
  • The container is equipped with advanced vacuum seal technology that removes air from the container to prevent oxidation and keep the food fresh for longer periods of time while keeping the taste and nutrients intact.
  • Features a moisture-proof box that helps to keep the food dry and free from insect and mould invasion.
  • Long Lasting battery with up to 60 days of usage in a 6-hour charging frame.
  • Made from high-quality and food-grade materials, ensuring the safety and health of your pet.
  • A small container with a 10.4L capacity makes it perfect for storing large amounts of food for your pet.
  • The container is easy to clean and store

Materials: ABS, Melamine

Dimensions: 350x270x430mm

Capacity: 351.7oz (10.4L)

PETKIT VACUBE: The exclusive vacuum system dog cat food storage container is made of high quality food grade ABS plastic, smooth and easy to clean. It can hold about 12 lbs of animal food. Slim side for small spaces, solid white color fits for the most decoration style.

KEEP FOOD FRESH AND HEALTHY: The intelligent vacuum technology isolates the food from air, effectively preventing mold and moisture. The silicone sealing strip preserves food flavors and nutrients. Vacuum pressure in the container will be detected automatically every 6 hours. When a drop in pressure is detected, the vacuum module will repressurize to maintain the vacuum to keep the pet food fresh and healthy.

EASY TO USE: Press the cover and double click the vacuum module to complete a quick pump. Slightly lift the orange vent on top for 2 seconds to quick release pressure.

RECHARGEABLE: This vacube vacuum dog cat food container has a removable and rechargeable vacuum module, which uses a Type-C port to standard USB charger(charger/plug/adapter is not included). You don't need to take the whole container to recharge. The led lights on the vacuum module will remind you of the working status.

DIMENSIONS: 13.8 X 7 X 11.8 inch (L X W X H), Weight: approx 6.3 lbs, Comes with a food scooper and Type-C usb cable.

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