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YumShare Dual-hopper with Camera

YumShare Dual-hopper with Camera

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Upgraded automatic pet feeder with dual hoppers meets various nutritional needs. Relish in the joy of capturing every cherished moment of your furry friend with a built-in camera.

AI Capturing Movements

Discover the magic of an AI-powered camera that allows you to effortlessly monitor your pets' feeding and well-being, no matter where you are. The video timeline on the PETKIT app displays all of your pets' activities for convenient viewing.

Every Valuable Moment, Clear at A Glance

The auto-tracking system effortlessly captures, records, and categorizes videos according to your pets' activities, from playful antics to satisfying meals, providing you with a clear overview of their activities.

Always There, Always Caring

Stay connected with your beloved furry companions in real time. Utilize two-way audio to delight in the experience of remotely interacting with your pets and capturing precious moments with just a single click. Set the camera's operating time and disable voice recording via the app, so you can take full control of your privacy.

Infrared Night Vision

With a built-in 940nm infrared LED fill light and high-sensitivity sensor, the camera intelligently switches to night vision mode, easily capturing the movement of pets at night.

Customize Respective Feeding Plans on the APP

With the dual hoppers, you can create custom blends to mix a percentage of food from the left hopper with a percentage of food from the right. Or you can set it to dispense food from only one of the hoppers. Precise portion control (up to 10 portions per meal in each hopper) helps pets develop healthy dietary habits.

Personalized Meal Call

Record a personalized voice message within 20 seconds and play it to help your pet become more familiar with the feeder. Automatically play your voice message while dispensing food to remind your pets that it's mealtime.

Stay Informed About the Device's Status

A notification message will alert you in the event of insufficient food, power failure, or any other malfunctions.

Dual Hopper, Dual Dispensing System

The 21-cup capacity is enough to feed an adult cat for 30 days, which is also friendly for multi-pet families. The dual hopper design enables it to store different types of food separately, which is especially suitable for pets with special dietary requirements.

Anti-blockage Design

A notification message will alert you in the event of insufficient food, power failure, or any other malfunctions.

* It is recommended that the size of the kibble should not exceed 12mm (0.47in).

Freshness in Every Bite

Multiple fresh-lock system protects pet food from moisture, mold, and insects, ensuring that the food remains fresh and tasty. Detachable divider keeps different types of food separate to avoid cross-contamination.

Never Miss A Meal

Lasting up to 60 days, the backup batteries ensure that feeding never stops, even when there is a power outage.

*The camera doesn’t work in battery mode. Batteries need to be purchased separately, and the device works with four D-cell alkaline batteries.

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