About Us

The Beginning of PETKIT

In 2013, people’s pursuit of wearable technologies became phenomenon, aroused from which, the Guo Brothers (Co-founders of PETKIT who were hardware engineers at the time) started to ask themselves: we already created better life experience with technologies for humans, so why don’t we use our professions to bring welfare to the animals? As animal lovers and pets’ owners, they raised the question at the time when pets were not paid enough attention to. They left their job soon after and started the meaningful journey to redefine pets’ lifestyle and the raising experience for the parents.

*Picture: First great innovation to benefit pets' life after the establishment of PETKIT

Revolution to the New Pets’ Raising Experience

“I have pets and I found some sore points myself with the raising experience. For instance, it struggles lots of pets parents whether to leave their pets at home alone without air-conditioning in the summer time; or how to take care of their pets when they go traveling or on a business trip becomes an issue”, says Guo (the CEO of PETKIT), “to solve these specific issues, we not only invented the world’s first pet house with air-conditioning, the smart food feeder, the smart water fountain but also keep the pace of defining a brand new product and the context of use every year.” 

*Picture: Guo's cat adopted from the street.

Encourage Innovation & Creativity

We believe that maintain the passion of being innovative and creative is crucially important for the development of a company, so in PETKIT, we encourage everyone to play boundless creativity and imagination at work.  

Strong Engineering Team, Strong Product

The engineering team symbolizes PETKIT as it is the key department to make sure our product is strong and trustworthy for consumers. Review, testing and retesting are daily routines for the engineers. They make sure the product tested for thousands of times before it hits the market.